Characterizing and implicating Monday systems in your organization

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Becoming the technological partners in your organization and leaping it forwards!

Taking your company forward! Make us your tech partners!
Leap forward! Make us your company tech partners!

Taking your business forward and reaching its full potential is something you can always aspire to do. That is something you can get when it comes to a dreamlike CRM system customized precisely for your business activity!  

Meet Monday, the leading company in developing systems that manage; projects, customer serivces, organization communication, office operations and strategy development for organizations. Monday has existed for over 10 years, and it was issued on the stock exchange 2021. Monday believes in a dynamic partnership, creating a unique work culture that brings the business to its full potential. It offers a variety of tools that are relevant for businesses and organizations of every size. 

Oh… might we add that the system is being used by 100,000 organizations worldwide (half of which use the system daily). Global brands like Coca-Cola, L'Oréal, Adobe, and more. 


So what do we offer?

We at TopMe implicate the Monday system for you, following your unique work methods and the management characteristics of your business. Together, we will figure out your individual needs and develop an operational process that will suit you exactly. So that you will enjoy all that Monday has to offer – and, indeed, it has a lot to offer. We provide the best service for your clientele and employees. The outcome will be increased sales, better supervision of the employees and their productivity, improved communication between the different departments in the workplace, continuity between assignments, and time efficiency that will provide more time to emphasize the development of the organization and its growth.

Our servcies include implementing the system in the organization, training the workers, and providing support services by IT specialists.

A little about Monday Systems' advantages

A system that modifies itself to your organization

A prominent advantage of the Monday system is how it modifies itself to your business activity and work environment. The system enables you to work in the most comfortable way to manage assignments, projects, and clients. It’s comfortable because the system is the one that modifies itself to you, which means that no changes to the organization are necessary, and you will get from the system everything you need.

Enormous time efficiency improvement at the workplace

Working with Monday will make your employees work more efficiently, causing a significant optimization of work hours. It will be easy for your employees to manage the clients, projects, and tasks if all the information is located in one place. They won’t need to go through a few different software programs and waste valuable time locating information. The outcome will be becoming more efficient.

Easy to use interface

Let’s start by noting that the system is accessible from every place connected to the internet (the system is based on a cloud), which means that employees working in global companies can manage tasks from every place in the world, including someone working from home. Furthermore, the system is super friendly to use. It has a high-quality user experience design. It has a template of colors that makes it possible to read statistics and reports fast and friendly

A selection of features, just choose

It's easy to get confused with so many features and addons, undoubtedly. But as mentioned, the system modifies itself for you. That’s why the features are modified to be suitable strictly for you. For example, keeping track of organization reports, receiving complete updates, task management, the list goes on and on. So, executives and other key figures in your organization can assist activities by pressing a button and making impotent business decisions according to the outcome make impotent business decisions.  

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How does it work?

Monday system consulting
Nice to meet your acquaintance! At this stage, we will meet with senior personnel in the organization. We will find out the current and future needs of the organization so we can modify the Monday system so it will provide the best solution in the long run.

Charatrizing organization according to requirements and processes

After we examine and understand the organization's condition, we will characterize the organization. This stage is crucial in the organization's Monday system implantation processes. It includes documenting how the organization is currently functioning and creating accurate solutions with the Monday system's features. 

The characteristic identification steps include:

  • Identifying the difference between the demands of the clients and the response currently available and providing solutions to reduce the disparities.
  • Accurately assessing the current situation. That is how the company is functioning today.
  • Identifying the characteristics according to the demands/needs required to improve the work environment.
  • Examining the reply given to every demand of the organization and the adjustments made to the requirements.
  • Providing a schedule for future stages and actions that are required from the crew.

Setting up infrastructures and design

At this stage, our specialists will set up the infrastructure and design of the Monday system. They will also insert all the information into the Monday system by importing all the data from the old system or typing it all in. In addition, at this stage, we will configure the authorizations to the Monday system, the design of the interface, the document templates, and the design of the business working processes.

Furthermore, we will integrate with other systems used by the organization, and we will create automatizations and communication within the organization and outwards, assemble crews, system authorizations, and workflow between the different departments.


At this stage, we will perform a simulation of the significant work processes to launch a pilot

accompanied by an IT specialist, and we will develop documentation and procedures in the Monday system.

This stage is very significant in the process of the Monday system implication and is used for examination and experimentation before the Monday system is fully operational.

Of course, We will do further inspections. For instance, we perform adjustments for the personal users to bring the work on the new Monday system to its most accessible and efficient potential. As mentioned, we help set up a comfortable menu where you can choose colors according to urgency, reports, design shortcuts, etc.

Becoming fully operated

We will be with you at this stage as well! Our crew of specialists will be at the client's site to avoid “hitches” that accrue due to working on the unfamiliar system. After the Monday system is fully functional, we will provide support in compliance with the customer and when required.

Service and Support

Once the Monday system is fully operational, we will provide you support services that include solutions to all the problems and answers to all the day-to-day questions, including mending issues that arise during the ongoing work. We also install all new system versions and provide support in the transition into procedures and new working formations. Training will be provided when needed.

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